« Two Flash Talks from 2013–14

June 25, 2017 • ☕️ 1 min read

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Summarising two flash talks I did a few years ago, and how the ideas still continue to be open problems today in 2017!

by [HasGeek](https://www.flickr.com/photos/hasgeek/12793265184/)

At JSFoo 2013, a Javascript conference in Bangalore — in a turn of events, I gave a small 5 minute flash talk with my friend Chetan Agrawal.

Today in a world of web-apps, everything runs in the browser, but that means that the web-app itself needs to load every time you access the site. How about the server render it the first time so that you can see the content straight-away?

Head on to this YouTube video. We are at the 6min 35sec spot.

At MetaRefresh 2014, I gave a small 3min flash talk about a little project of mine. MetaRefresh is a conference for user interfaces on the web. It’s a yearly event in Bangalore.

Front-end engineers are in a position of power today. Node.js, browser-side frameworks like Angular/React, back-end services like Pusher/Parse/Firebase and mobile app platforms like PhoneGap — basically mean that a front-end engineer can build an entire app, make it realtime and also make it work on all mobile devices. This is insane!

Head over to my little talk on YouTube.