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February 17, 2016 • ☕️ 1 min read

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As part of our Electronics Instrumentation project at college, a group of four of us, built this little device. Its usability/practicality is arguable, but we enjoyed making it.

Here is a video demonstration of it on Vimeo.

When we insert any of the 5 filters, it detects which one it is. Technically it is a very simple device. But the thing I like is how we packaged it.

The 5 filters and the complete device.

The inserting slot, tuning knobs used to adjust during first use and the output LEDs.

Just a large on/off switch. We really loved this switch.


There are white LEDs inside for illumination. Also there are three light dependant resistors that can detect change in light. We put red, green and blue filters over these. Hence they detected the intensity of that particular color. Hence a when a red filter was inserted between the white LED and the sensor, the sensor with red filter detected the most light. This in turn switched on the output LED corresponding to red.

A closeup of the top. If we had been able to get a color printout, those three circles would be red, green and blue.

The tuning controls. They basically adjust sensitivity of the individual sensors.

The output LEDs.

The lovely on/off switch!

Now lets just hope we get an A+! Video uploaded on YouTube by my friend Mukul Bharti.

Originally published at paramaggarwal.com.