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March 25, 2017 • ☕️ 1 min read

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Ira Glass gave an interview in 2009 about storytelling and happened to mention something that absolutely nobody tells beginners — without which many of them just quit.

In 2011, David Shiyang Liu made this kinetic typography and it has one and half million views today. He made it as part of his 30 day creativity challenge, and he came up with this on Day 6 — after, having worked for three days on it.

_Ira Glass (1959-) is a radio broadcaster and host of the award-winning program and podcast This American Life . My…_zenpencils.com

In 2012, Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils made this beautiful cartoon. He mentions how the very thought of starting Zen Pencils after quitting his job took around having made 500 cartoons first.

In 2014, Daniel Sax made this beautiful adaptation and has garnered another one and a half million views. But success didn’t come easy — it took him a year to go from concept to upload.

In 2015, young creative motion graphics artist Saar Oz made this a year after Daniel’s video. This one is going to touch a million views. But it is actually his 12th motion graphic video before he had this huge hit.

You just have to fight your way through.

The message that Ira makes is beautiful, but I love how the message shows in two ways in all the above works. One literally by what shows on screen, and one metaphorically by what is behind the work.

The original video is just one clip of a four part interview. Ira mentions that one needs to constantly keep doing till the really great things emerge. And yes, to come up with this little gem of advice, it took an entire twenty minutes speaking on the interview.

It takes time, so the best you can do, is to just do.

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