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February 17, 2016 • ☕️ 1 min read

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The Nokia 3310 was an immensely popular phone, and now we reap the benefits…

We get a 84x48 monochrome graphic LCD for almost nothing (around 100 Rs). It is easily available at Lamington Road or at any friendly mobile repair shop.

I used the 8051 iBoard available at triindia.co.in to control it:

The pinout of the Nokia 3310 Display is as follows:

Nokia 3310 LCD Pinouts:

  • VCC — Power Supply (5V)
  • SCK — Serial Clock
  • SDI — Serial Data In
  • DC — Data/Command
  • CE — Chip Enable
  • GND — Ground
  • Vout — Contrast
  • RES — Reset Pin

Now, the pins at the back of the LCD are quite close, so carefully solder 7 wires to the back of the display, leaving out Vout. After this we will connect the display on to the board:

I used the following:

  • P1_1 — SCK
  • P1_2 — D/C
  • P1_3 — RST
  • P1_4 — DATA
  • P1_5 — CE

Nokia 3310 Display Code — http://github.com/paramaggarwal/greyscreen

Thats it, we are done. Now burn the code on to the board.

This project was done during my internship at robo.in a division of TRI Technosolutions now Thinklabs. It is a start-up that takes robotics workshops for school and engineering kids.

Below is the screen showing an image “TRI”.

Similarly using a software called FastLCD, I managed the following:

Originally published at paramaggarwal.com.